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There’s nothing quite like a plumbing emergency to bring your home or business to a grinding halt. And the best way to keep the emergencies down to a minimum is with regular maintenance.

When to call an emergency plumber?

Although a dripping tap or leaking toilet can be annoying, it’s probably not worth getting a plumber out to take care of it after hours. But some situations need a plumber immediately, for your safety, or to minimise the damage to your property.


No hot water

Getting through even one day without hot water is a struggle. If you’ve checked the power supply (whether there is gas or electricity to the rest of the house) and it’s only the hot water system not working, it’s time to give us a call.

Burst pipes

A burst pipe can quickly cause a lot of damage to your walls, flooring and cabinets. Pipes burst due to age, poor quality fittings and fixtures, or poor workmanship and accidental damage, so it’s bound to happen to you at some point. Turn the water mains tap off before calling us to minimise the damage.

Blocked toilets or clogged drains

If your toilet is starting to back-up or you’re seeing sewage appear anywhere that it shouldn’t, it’s best to give us a call straight away. Even if your sink, bathtub or shower drains are starting to back-up and not drain properly, it can turn into a costly problem very quickly. If any of the drainage systems in your home aren’t getting rid of the waste, give us a call right away.

Water leak

Just a small water leak can quickly turn into a big problem whether it’s a failed washer, leaking shower or corroded storage tank. Besides the damage to your property, avoid wasting water and being hit with a massive water bill. Turn off the mains tap before giving us a call.

Gas leak

A gas leak is an extremely dangerous situation so if you suspect a leak or smell gas, call a gas fitter immediately. Turn off the mains valve, open windows and doors for ventilation and don’t use electrical equipment, lights, matches, or any naked flame near a suspected gas leak.

Plumbing maintenance

Maintenance is the best way to lower the risk of having plumbing or gas emergencies and means your appliances, fittings and fixtures last longer. We can help you maintain your heating units, clear your sink, shower and bathtub wastes and unclog toilets. We even take care of your gutters including repairs, maintenance and installation, including rainwater tanks.

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