Repairs, installation and maintenance

From leaking taps to toilet and cistern repairs, even whitegoods installation and fridge water connection – we can take care of all the little plumbing jobs for you.

Leaking or dripping taps

It may seem simple, but there are a few reasons your taps could be leaking or dripping. If it drips while it’s turned off, it’s probably the washer. If you have water coming from parts of the tap that it shouldn’t, like flowing out between the tap body and the spindle, or from under the cover plate when it’s turned on, it’s most likely the O-ring that needs replacing.

 Either way, you’re going to have to get your tools out and your hands dirty. So while you’re dismantling the tap anyway – it might be a good idea to replace both. Or you can get a plumber in to take care of it for you.

Toilet and cistern repairs

More often than not, a leaking toilet is down to a washer needing replacement. A fairly quick and easy replacement, but sometimes it’s a little more complicated. Like replacing the cistern outlet kit. The best way to make sure you have the right replacement – you need to remove the old one and head to the hardware store with the make and model of your loo and the old outlet in hand. But if you’d rather avoid all the hassle – call me.

Plus, we also do new tap and toilet installations, so if you’re thinking about renovating, give us a call before you get started.

Whitegoods installations

Although it may seem simple, if you get the installation of your whitegoods wrong,  you’re likely to end up wishing you’d had it done properly in the first place. Think smelly sewer gases leaking into your dishwasher and then the rest of your house. Or backflow of dirty water into the dishwasher because of poor drainage.

We also help with fridge water connections. To do this, you usually need to tap into an existing water pipe, and it’s best to ensure you’ve used all the correct fixtures and fittings to give you the longest lifespan and stay compliant with regulations.

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